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The Function of Optical Fiber Jump

The center of the optical jumper is the glass core of light propagation. In multimode optical fibers, the diameter of the cor

Construction Method of Leather Optical Cable

1. User Indoor WiringIn FTTH project, indoor wiring for users is the most complex link, and many factors are considered. The

Three laying methods of outdoor optical cable

There are three common laying methods for outdoor optical cables: underground pipeline laying (that is, laying optical cables

What are the characteristics of leatherline jumpers used indoors?

In this era of network age, our requirements for the transmission of network signals are also getting higher and higher. So w

Laying Requirements of Leather Optical Cable and Characteristics of Hot Melting Technology

Leather cable is a part of FTTH project which is close to users. Its performance is stable and easy to lay. Nowadays, more an

Difference between Fiber Jump and Fiber Tail and Detection Method

Optical fiber jumper is used to make jump connection from equipment to optical fiber wiring link. It has a thick protective l

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