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What are the characteristics of leatherline jumpers used indoors?

Date: 2019-05-13 Click: 212

In this era of network age, our requirements for the transmission of network signals are also getting higher and higher. So when we use it, we can have stronger network signals. So now we have certain requirements for the use of indoor leather jumper, that is to say, we need to know its characteristics before we can better use it.

The tensile strength of our indoor cable is relatively small, in fact, when we use indoors, we do not need it to have a very strong tensile strength. As long as it has a relatively strong ability of signal transmission, it can be said that as long as it has a relatively strong function of signal transmission, it can be used better.

Our indoor leatherline jumper can be customized, so that when we use it, we can form a unified decoration style with our indoor decoration, so it can be more beautiful to use. Generally speaking, we use special bending-resistant optical fibers to provide greater bandwidth, which can be said to enhance the performance of network transmission. This can enhance our network signal, so that we can have better signal. Therefore, it can be said that the leather jumper is now used more.

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