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Three laying methods of outdoor optical cable

Date: 2019-05-13 Click: 276

There are three common laying methods for outdoor optical cables: underground pipeline laying (that is, laying optical cables in underground pipelines), direct underground burial laying and overhead laying (that is, laying from poles to poles in the air). It should be selected according to engineering conditions, environmental characteristics, cable types and quantity, and meet the requirements of reliable operation, easy maintenance and the principle of techno-economic rationality.

I. Underground Pipeline Laying

Underground pipeline laying is a widely used method in optical cable laying engineering. Its laying must meet the following requirements:

1. Before laying the optical cable, the sub-hole should be inserted in the pipe hole, and the homochromon tube should always be inserted in the 1 hole of the optical cable. The unused sub-pipe mouth should be protected by plugs.

2. Considering that the laying process is manual operation, in order to reduce the loss of optical cable joints, the manufacturers of pipeline optical cable should adopt whole-disk laying.

3. During the laying process, the traction force should be minimized. The whole optical cable should be laid separately from the middle to both sides, and the assistant traction should be arranged in each hole.

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