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Construction Method of Leather Optical Cable

Date: 2019-05-13 Click: 264

1. User Indoor Wiring

In FTTH project, indoor wiring for users is the most complex link, and many factors are considered. The traditional single-core indoor optical cable can not meet the requirements of indoor wiring in FTTH project at the present stage. As an alternative to traditional indoor cables, Wipson cable can be adapted to most indoor cabling conditions, such as turning at a bending radius of 20 mm, bearing the side pressure of human trampling on the cable, and the pulling force caused by engineering construction dragging. At the same time, with a variety of field connectors, it can achieve field end-to-end and docking in the shortest time. Therefore, Wipson cable is the best choice for FTTH indoor wiring.

2. Vertical and horizontal wiring in the building

Like indoor wiring, Wipson cable is also suitable for vertical and horizontal wiring in buildings. Horizontal cabling is not very demanding for optical cables, but vertical cabling requires that optical cables have a certain tensile strength. Wipson cable can bear the pull of 200 Newtons in short term and 100 Newtons in long term, so it can ensure the construction safety and stability of vertical wiring of cable in a certain height range.

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