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What are the types and characteristics of optical fiber jumpers? What are the types and correspondin

Date: 2019-05-13 Click: 101

There are many types of optical fiber jumpers, such as FC, LC, SC and ST. What characteristics should they have? Let's talk briefly about jumper manufacturers.

1. FC type optical fiber jumper: The external reinforcement mode is metal sleeve, and the fastening mode is screw. Usually used on ODF side (most used on wiring rack). FC connector is generally used in telecommunication network, with a nut screwed to the adapter, which has the advantages of reliability and dust-proof, but the disadvantage is that the installation time is a little longer.

2. SC-type optical fiber jumper: connector connecting GBIC optical module, its shell is rectangular, fastening way is to use plug-and-latch type, do not need to rotate. Router switches are the most used. SC connector connector is often used in general network. SC connector is directly plugged in and out. It is very convenient to use, but its disadvantage is easy to fall out.

3. ST-type optical fiber jumper: commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, fastening way is screw. For 10Base-F connections, connectors are usually ST-type. Usually used in optical fiber wiring frame. ST connector connectors are commonly used in general networks. After insertion of ST head, a clamp is fixed half a circle of rotation. The disadvantage is easy to break.

4. LC-type optical fiber jumper: connector connecting SFP module, which is made of modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism with easy operation. (Routers are commonly used)

5. MT-RJ type optical fiber jumper: a square optical fiber connector with one transceiver and one dual-fiber transceiver. The MTRJ type optical fiber jumper consists of two high precision plastic-moulded connectors and optical cables. The connector exterior parts are precision plastic parts, including push-pull plug-and-pull clamping mechanism. It is suitable for indoor applications in telecommunication and data network systems.

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