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Some Installation and Maintenance Methods of Leather Optical Cable

Date: 2019-05-13 Click: 209

With the good development momentum of domestic optical access market, optical access has become a hot spot in the field of optical communication.

In the optical fiber access project, indoor cabling near users is the most complex link. The flexural and tensile properties of conventional Indoor cables can not meet the needs of FTTH indoor cabling.

Leather cable and optical cable are suitable for entering the building by means of piping or laying out cables. Today, I would like to share with you several installation methods and precautions of leather cable and optical cable commonly used in optical fiber access engineering.

Cable laying for overhead support

Construction steps:

1. Determine the laying routing of the outdoor cable and investigate whether there are available supporting devices for laying outdoor cable in the routing. Generally, 8 outdoor cable can be fixed by each supporting device.

2. Choose the support and its installation position according to the principle of firm device, uniform interval and favorable for maintenance.

3. Tightening hoop hook is fixed on pole by tightening hoop steel band and tightening hoop clamp; C-type hook is fixed on external wall by expanding screw and screw, and ring-type hook can be fixed on wooden external wall directly.

4. Separate the suspension of outdoor cable and tie the suspension to the S fixture, then hang it on the support. When the length of the cable needs to be laid exceeds 100 meters, it is advisable to start from the middle point.

5. Use longitudinal wrapping to wrap the remaining length of the outdoor leather cable and the cable tied to the S fixture.

6. Wrapping pipes should be used to protect the intersection of outdoor skin cable and other cables.

7. It is strictly forbidden to trample or jam Outdoor cables in the whole process of cabling. If damage is found in outdoor cables, it is necessary to consider re-laying.

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