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What is optical fiber jumper? Whether the optical fiber jumper must be used in pair?

Date: 2019-05-17 Click: 299

The optical fiber jumper is also known as optical fiber connector, and it is used as the jumper wire from equipment to optical fiber wiring link; it is characterized by low insertion loss, good repeatability, large return loss, good mutual insertion property, good temperature stability, strong tensile strength and thick protective layer, and it is generally used for connection between optical transceiver and terminal box. It is commonly used in the optical fiber communication system, optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission and LANS.

In general, the optical fiber jumper is used in pair, but it is unnecessary to be used in pair in the actual wiring, and the use in pair of optical fiber jumper is usually related to the equipment to be connected; the general optical path transmission is receiving and dispatching, and the use in pair is required according to the equipment occasionally, such as video optical transceiver. The optical fiber jumper in pair is required by multi-mode equipment vs equipment, while the single-mode optical fiber transmission is not required to be used in pair, and only an optical fiber jumper is required.

The optical fiber jumper is a short communication optical fiber in fact; because the connection distance between two optical fiber communication equipment is short, it is known as optical fiber jumper.

The optical fiber jumper (also known as optical fiber connector) means that the connector plug is installed at both ends of optical cable, and the optical fiber jumper is divided into the single-mode optical fiber jumper and multi-mode optical fiber jumper. In the optical fiber communication, the commonly used specifications of the optical fiber connector are SC, FC, SC, MTRJ, LC and other several models.

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