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What are the characteristics of outdoor optical cables?

Date: 2019-05-17 Click: 205

The outdoor optical cable is briefly used for optical cable outdoor, which belongs to a kind of optical cable, and it is called as outdoor optical cable due to being optimally used outdoor; it is lasting and durable, so it can endure exposure to the weather and freezing; its outer package is thick, and it owns some mechanical and environmental characteristics, such as voltage withstand, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. 

The waterproof tape is longitudinally wrapped to prevent longitudinal water seepage of the optical cable

Two parallel steel wires ensure the tensile strength of optical cable

The tensile strength of outdoor optical cable is large; the protective layer is thick, and it is usually armored (i.e., wrapped with metal skin). The outdoor optical cable is mainly applicable to the interconnection between buildings and remote networks.

In general, the outdoor optical cable is only filler, and the different materials are selected for the reinforcer, sheath and so on. For example, when the optical cable is directly buried outdoor, the armored optical cable is applicable. When it is overhead, the optical cables with black plastic outer sheath of two or more reinforcers can be selected.

Because the outdoor optical cable must be used outdoor, it must have the waterproof function; in general, the outer sheath used is made of PE material, and its internal structure is generally divided into the central tubular structure and layer stranded structure.

Upon observation by naked eye, the indoor outer sheath is generally made of yellow or orange PVC material; the outdoor outer sheath is made of black PE material, and the outdoor works generally with GY is distinguished from model.

Outdoor optical cable: the outer package is thick, and owns some mechanical and environmental characteristics, such as voltage withstand, corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

Indoor optical cable: it is mainly used indoor, and it is mainly characterized by easy bending, being able to be used in corner of wall and other narrow places, and fire resistance, flame retardation, tensile strength, softness and other features.

The outdoor optical cable is a kind of communication line which completes the optical signal transmission. A certain quantity of optical fibers form the cable core according to a certain mode, and the outer package is equipped with sheath, and some of them are coated with the outer sheath.

The outdoor optical cable mainly consists of optical fiber (glass fiber as thin as fair) and plastic maintenance casing and plastic sheath, and the gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals are not used in the optical cable.

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