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Optical Splitter

1*N 2*N Steel Tube Mini PLC Splitter

Classification: Optical Splitter

Click: 179

Specifications: 1553148652



Product Types: 1*4, 1*8, 1*16, 1*32, 1*64 and 2*4, 2*8, 2*16, 2*32, 2*64 

Connector Types: SC, FC, ST, LC etc.


Model: steel tube type

Line diameter of optical fiber: 0.9mm


Two (or above) optical fibers that the overlay is removed are converged by a certain method, are fused under high-temperature heating and stretched to both sides, and finally form the special waveguiding structure in dual-cone form in the heating zone, and the different spectral proportions can be obtained through controlling the angle of optical fiber torsion and length of stretching. Finally, the tapering zone is cured by curing adhesive on the quartz substrate and inserted into the stainless copper tube.

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