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Outdoor optical cable

Outdoor all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable

Classification: Outdoor optical cable

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Specifications: ADSS-48B1



Outdoor all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable

Introduction: the loose layered stranded structure is used; 250μm optical fiber is stacked into the loose tube made of high-modulus material, and the waterproof compound is filled in the loose tube. The loose tube (and filler rope) are stranded into the compact cable core around the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), and the gap of the cable core is filled with waterproof factice. The polyethylene (PE) inner sheath is extruded outside the cable core, then the aramid fiber with potentiation effect is stranded, and finally the PE outer sheath or anti-tracking (AT) outer sheath is extruded. 

Application: Upon fully considering practical situation of the power line, it is applicable to the high-voltage transmission line at different grades. The PE sheath can be used for 10kV and 35kV power lines; the suspension point of optical cable is confirmed and the AT outer sheath is used for 110kV and 220kV power lines through calculation of electric field intensity distribution. Meanwhile, the dosage of aramid fiber and perfect stranding technology are meticulously designed to meet the application requirement of different spans.

Characteristics: Available for being erected without outage; AT sheath, with excellent anti-tracking performance; light weight, small diameter of cable, reducing ice, wind effect and tower and supporting holder load; large span (the maximum span exceeding 1000m), excellent tensile strength and temperature characteristic and expected life up to 30 years.

Standard: ADSS optical cable follows IEEEP1222 Technical Standard, and conforms to IEC60794-1 Standard.

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